Giving Back

My passion for others was fostered in New Zealand, as a missionary with Adventures In Missions (AIM) When I began this adventure, I wanted to help the family I was placed with. Little did I know how much their example would deepen my own faith.

While serving with AIM, I witnessed the resilience of incredible families who have endured hardship. Moms stretched thinner than thin. Brave children becoming parents to their siblings. As I saw true selflessness overcome want, I also recognized the great opportunity (and responsibility) I have to help families in need.

That's why it's part of my mission to give back. I cherish the opportunity to touch the lives of all my clients. I also believe in Elegantly Simple's potential to bring families together- and make an even greater impact on those who truly need a helping hand.

I'm committed to donating your unwanted and gently used items to non-profit charities that serve families in need throughout Texas. I hope y'all will join me by making a difference in the lives of others.